Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

Casual Friday September 8, 2006

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The shear thought of denim on denim makes my skin crawl…. not sure why though  (a lady in my office was the inspiration for this blog, apparently casual Friday translates to: leave your fashion at home Friday) I know what you are thinking… “she’s crazy, this is stupid”, but I assure you I am not and this is not, it’s quite a serious matter!! We must make this stop!!Let me start from the beginning.
From a young age I always sensed that wearing 2 shades of denim just didn’t feel right. My father being my premo numero uno example, and my mother being a close second. Even through all of my 22 years of effort I have yet to break the impenetrable barrier of my parents and their dueling denims. My father now being 67 and has a bit more leeway when it comes to what is acceptable because older people can dress crazier ….will still throw on a pair of wrangler jeans and a denim shirt in a slightly lighter shade. He is not about to go out in the field and bring the herd in or ride off into the sunset. (for some reason I always pictured cowboys in denim? Being from the south I’m not sure why I think that?) but he puts this on to go out to eat, or go run errands, or go to church.
My mother fits into this problem because she will wear her jeans (I’ve finally won the war against her tapered jeans and have graduated her to boot cut its all about the small victories people!!) and a large oversized, usually my step-dad’s, denim shirt. She’s a bit self conscious about her weight and etc like all woman, and thinks shes covering up, but what she is doing is doing is making herself look like a big denim blob.

In no way do I find dueling denims to be acceptable. Do you go around wearing red pants and a pink shirt? (I should hope not) or an orange shirt with yellow pants(oh for the love of God and everything that is holy I hope you don’t have yellow pants!) but that is just an example, it is the same thing in my eyes!! You can wear your denim shirt with your yellow pants and that is perfectly okay. Do you understand where Im going with this?? Please do not wear your denims at the same time!!

Now you are thinking “Why am still I reading this?”   “I must stop this girl is still crazy?” and if you are thinking that then you are probably guilty!!!! I assure you that there are many more out there like me who find denim on denim just as nauseating.

*at this point I think I need a disclaimer If you buy a denim jacket and jeans at the same time and the exact same shade or if you are a cowboy and are dealing directly with livestock at the time.wearing denim on denim is okay, but then and only then. Still not sure why I feel that way about cowboys?

Oh and I shall not end this without mentioning the horribleness of a grown man or woman wearing a Disney-esk type character embroidered on any fabric especially denim. be it jeans, shirt, or jacket. Disney characters and the sort shall only be worn by children. This excludes school teachers who teach 5th grade or younger, I have quite fond memories of those silly sweaters or vests they wear with stupid stuff embroidered on it but if you teach 6th or higher you shall wear adult clothes only..
I say this because that woman from my office that inspired this blog is not only wearing dueling denims but the denim shirt she chose for this abomination has Winnie the pooh peaking out of one pocket and POOH written on another. This is just a blatant violation of all fashion rules someone please call the fashion police, there needs to be some sort of fine or community service… where you have to wear wool outside in Phoenix while sorting clothing donations! Or they have to donate their Disney shirts to CHILDREN because they should be the only ones wearing it! Oh and who are these people selling this horrible item in adult sizes? That’s just lunacy!

I hope that this blog has made you aware of the seriousness of this issue, maybe preventing you from making this grave mistake (or stopping you from doing it again) !!!


2 Responses to “Casual Friday”

  1. allison Says:

    Hey rebecca! I love this post. so funny. i guess i can actually wear the tacky clothes; i teach fifth grade.

  2. Anna Says:

    I am SO WITH YOU here! In high school we used to snicker at those in their “D-squared” outfits.

    You are performing an important service to the world, keep on!


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