Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

DENNY’S…not just a place to eat anymore… just lay back take a nap November 12, 2006

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On Friday night a slight misunderstanding left me at home watching TV…. Starving with only cheese in my fridge…(which I did eat as a snack). But I went and picked up Ryan from Sugar Daddy’s when he text me.  1st order of business…do not try to rationalize the past few hours worth of text messages with your boyfriend convincing him that you are right and he is wrong if you are completely sober and he has been drinking for the past 5 hours.  He doesn’t get that when you text him…”Are you hungry?” this means that you are hungry and would like to include him in the activity….and I know that our conversation earlier consisted of him saying …and I quote…”I’m going to go have a few beers with the Jason and Matt, but I don’t want to stay out late OR drink a lot.”  So do you think I would have predicted that I wouldn’t be eating until midnight? NO.  (at this point I would like to say that he did invite me out to Sugar Daddy’s, I just hate that place and wanted to eat…okay back to the story)  Well there we were driving around Scottsdale… me trying to decide what late night crappy food we would be eating…and him asking why I’m acting weird…a) you are drunk…b) I am STARVING…c) it is midnight…d)…I am sober.   For the record I was not acting weird, I was acting quiet…so I guess if you know me that is weird, because I talk a hell of lot.  He suggested we eat at Denny’s.  Not caring at this point I pull into the parking lot, walk into the smoke infested Diner.  (Now why do places make the smoking section in the front? So all of the healthy non-smokers have to walk through the toxic haze to get to our seats? Most people don’t want to eat at Denny’s they are there by default, and then I have to smell that smoke, you really think I’m going to enjoy my Moon over my Hammy?) Three booths down from us was “that guy”… the one that is 50 years old, drunker than a skunk. Hasn’t showered in a few days, Leaning/sitting with his eyes half shut, dozing off.   He fell asleep on numerous occasions while muttering to himself.  All the patrons around him are trying not to stare and laugh, but you just can’t help it.  Through the course of his fun filled night some how the bottom 2 buttons of his shirt came undone.  Let’s just say I lost my appetite. The hilarity of the situation fused with the sadness made this the most interesting part of my night.  The Manager came over on several occasions to rouse the sleeping giant.  Once the man finally stood up (which took a good 10 minutes) swayed back and forth and finally exited.  Now here is why I will come back to this Denny’s… (along with the fact that the 40 year old waitress referred the seasoned fries as “the bomb”)  The manager came over to the booth with a big bottle of disinfectant and sprayed the crap out of the booth.  He went above and beyond. He spent a good 10 minutes just hosing down that booth.  After he wiped it down, he left and came back with a different colored liquid bottle and sprayed some more.  I applaud you Denny’s Manager.  Now I have no problems eating there because I know you have disinfected after the gross people leave. 


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