Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

Crisis in the Valley of the Sun November 22, 2006

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…no my crisis is not car related, I know you were all holding your breath.
People we are in the middle of Cornbread Famine 2006…where is it…I have gone to 3 stores… only to come face to face with empty shelves.  Did the South take over when I wasn’t looking, because I’m sure I would have noticed the abundance of sweet tea?  The fabulous cornbread dressing, not to be confused with stuffing (yuk), is my staple at Thanksgiving, I could give a rat’s patoot about the actual turkey. I could be content with just the dressing…and some sweet potato pie….cause yum.

So now wish me luck on my trek to see if Mesa was prepared and are  fully stocked on cornbread mix. 

In other news, my Mommy is in town! Last night we made my favorite Chicken Rotel pasta dish stuff.  And when I make it I make it a wee bit different, like, I use an already cooked chicken instead of doing all that work myself, I don’t use chicken broth in it either.  I just use more rotel and cheese.

I had leftovers for lunch, and i’m not gonna lie, I think the way I make it tastes better,  I like it spicier and not so runny.  but that’s just me. but it’s still good.  And I just remembered that she use to make it with mushrooms, and I’d always clean my plate but there would be a huge mound of mushrooms after. cause gross. seriously. 

Today I saw this man putting up tacky Christmas decorations.  Did he not get the memo that Thanksgiving is tomorrow….and he’s a bit early?  So I’m driving past this little tiny house, and on one side of the roof is a huge blow up Santa…and on the other side was a big blow up Snowman…. since when did snowmen go on the roof? So after i’m thinking about his horrible tacky decision my mind immediately thinks of Hope…because if you know Hope she will make you travel to the ends of the earth to see christmas lights.  Oh and the tackier the better for her, she would probably love the snowman/santa combo on this roof :)…. But I have a tip to all the Hope lovers out there….here’s the way into her heart….Lots and Lots of Christmas lights, I mean LOTS.  And if you plan on proposing to her whether it is in Dec. or any other month you must do it with lights.  “Will you marry me Hope?” that’s what it must say, I know she wants her name in lights.  I’m only trying to help you guys out…oh and never send her flowers or mushy lovey stuff.  She will puke.


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