Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

Completely out of touch November 27, 2006

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You know your life doesn’t revolve around Myspace as much when you log on for the first time in 3 days, and notice the song on your page has been “deleted by the artist”…. what’s even sadder is that I can’t even remember what artist was on there.  I remember the days when my song would change at least 3 times a day, if not more.  Oh myspace how I miss thee. 

Oh and thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes!! now fork over the cash! 🙂

So my mom was visiting this past week, it went well, glad she came, cause she cleaned while I was at work.  But she didn’t touch my room.  Which is good because I have a system.  That pile over there is clean clothes…. the one sort of next to it, kind of creeping out of the closet, is stuff sorta clean, only worn once or twice.  That other pile deep in the closet is the dirty stuff I never wear any more so I don’t want to waste my money cleaning it.  But she scrubbed my sink, tub, toilet, the kitchen was clean because I never use it.  But she cooked the Thanksgiving meal. Ryan and I are still eating it.  We converted Ryan from liking that gross stove top stuffing, to the wonders of good southern cornbread dressing.

Also this week, we went to a Suns game.  I purchased 4 tickets, and told Ryan he could invite a friend.  Since my mom was coming he invited his 5 year old nephew. ADORABLE. That’s all I can say about him.  It’s been forever since i’ve been around little people.  You have to rewire your brain, and censor EVERYTHING.  On the drive to downtown Phoenix I’m asking the usual 5 year old questions, he starts saying he wants to play baseball when he gets bigger.  I then ask him…”What position do you want to play” he quickly replies…”batter”… now if that just isn’t the cutest thing ever I don’t know what is. 

So I knew this was going to be a long night when before the game even started Eathan asked “When is this going to be over?” We still had a good 20 minutes before the game even started! Oh the joys of entertaining a 5 year old. I’m sure give him 2 more years, when he understands the game a little more, and he would enjoy it. We received these Mr. Potato head suns crap when we had walked through the doors, and I promptly opened up mine after halftime. That took up about 2 seconds of his time.  This kid loves video games, and had no imagination when it came to the basketball playing potato head.  Ryan also spent a good little fortune on his little nephew.  He wanted McDonalds on the way.  How lucky did we get when we realized there is about 50 McDonalds stands in the arena! woo hoo…. oh and he wanted a Foam Finger….and Cotton Candy….and a Coke….and a Cookie…and then…this is when this gets funny…and we realize how much of pushover Ryan is when there are alligator tears involved. (I will definitely remember this) During the last part of the game, they start throwing shirts in all the sections.  Little Eathan, waving his foam finger furiously trying desperately to get a shirt.  Somehow Ryan’s arm gets in the way and he catches a shirt.  Now this shirt is HUGE, you could fit 3 Eathan’s in it.  So Ryan hands it over to my mom.  Then all of a sudden we get “the face”. You know that face that comes before the tears.  I immediately go into “fix” mode.  “Eathan what’s wrong?” “I just want…I just want…I just wanted a shiiiiirrrrttt!” Big ole tears.  I’ve never seen Ryan move so fast.  Mom, being a mom, gave him the huge shirt.  Which dried up the tears.  Ryan came back, with a little jersey in hand.  I’m sure it cost him a good 40 bucks.  The best part was when Ryan returned with the jersey,  Eathan didn’t even ask what was in the bag. He looked up at Ryan and said….”You missed the cheerleaders”


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