Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

So not cool…. November 28, 2006

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List of things that are not cool as of today, determined by me.

1. $400+ deductions from my paycheck….. but I have to remember “401 k” “future” (sucks)
2. My boss is a huge wine drinker, he had cheese delivered today… Oh man did it stink. I can still smell it. It stinks.
3. My car is still broken. Did any of you inherit an Auto Body Repair Shop last night? because you need to let me know.
4. I miss Hope
5. I still have to figure out where i’m going for Christmas…
6. My two favorite blogs that I read all the time amalah..and dooce
are not updating that much right now.
7. Apparently my birthday card from “someone” that I miss greatly was used as an Emergency “oh crap we forgot someone’s birthday card” card. So i’m expecting another card by christmas.
8. Ryan is busy at work and is not responding to my email’s as quickly as I would like, and by quickly I mean like right after I send it, because dude, i’m bored.
9. I hate my phone with a burning passion… it sucks. Smart device my rear
10. Someone please buy my mattresses and couch already…like yesterday. 11. I’m starving
12. I can’t believe you are still reading this…but thanks that means so much to me.
13. The shoes i’m wearing today are cheapy McCheap and are making my feet sweat and slide around in the shoes, and yesterday I wore my new brown awesome expensive pumps and I scuffed the top of them.
14. Today is only tuesday….as in not Friday…or Saturday…when I’m going to the Death Cab concert! yay!!
15. I keep continually posting this because in the preview mode half of it is underlined but when I post it, it’s not, so I keep checking, which i’m sure is annoying those people viewing it…
16. I still have yet to receive that automatic wine opener from Costco…I’m holding out for Santa, cause i’m too cheap to buy it myself. 
17. I have to pack up my apartment and make it fit in A room.  not sure how that’s gonna work.
18. Hope and I are idiots because I figured out how to use tea bags in my Mr. Ice tea maker. (by reading ALL of the directions not just the first page!! didn’t I have a previous entry about direction reading?)  All that time we could have been having TEA!! Oh my someone shoot me please.
19. Am I really still sitting here making a list? I am so not cool and extremely bored.
20. Because I didn’t want to end on a random number like 19, because yet again I am so not cool.


One Response to “So not cool….”

  1. Cody Says:

    Nice new bloggity blog page. How did you acquire the power to leave myspace? I’m gonna miss the regualar notices that my favorite blogger has posted yet a new ditty 😦

    I impore you to double blog to keep your loyal busy body fans appeased. I assure you it will go a long way. There will be world peace and chicken wings in every home.

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