Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

Because I can’t loose a friendship with someone who has never shaken my hand… December 28, 2006

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Here ya go Chad, as requested.
So the company I work for has a Luxury Suite at the U.S. Airway’s arena, where the Suns play.  Every few weeks they send out an email saying, they have X amount of tickets, who wants to go. So I got my paws on 2 tickets Tues the 26th.  Oh boy I never want to go to a game unless it’s in a suite again. Seriously.  Free food( we had chicken wings in 3 different flavors and popcorn chicken), free booze, YOUR OWN BATHROOM. They have a little living room , with a plasma, so you can watch the Suns LIVE or you can watch any other channel you want. But what I want to get my hands on are our COURT SIDE tickets, each period someone gets the coveted badge and gets to go sit ON THE SIDE OF THE COURT, and maybe get some Nash sweat. 
So maybe you’re thinking, what if I don’t like the FREE catered food, what if I am in the mood for a hot dog or pizza that they serve on the other levels…well you are in luck, a guy comes around with a cart with all those goodies, so you don’t actually have to leave. 

It reminded me of when my dad’s company had a Suite at the Superdome, oh boy was that fun…  those had an actual bartender, and waiters, but the food was PHENOMENAL, duh it was New Orleans, of course the food was good.  although I was about 10 and they were only pouring a dr. pepper for me but still, AWESOME.

So it’s going to be really hard for me to watch any sort of Pro sporting event unless I’m in a Luxury Suite.  Cause once you’ve tasted the good life, who wants nose bleed seats?


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