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Ski School Dropout January 15, 2007

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As the Pilot said, “The local time is 9:36 and the current temperate is zero.”,
I knew I was in trouble.
I live in Phoenix, where zero usually comes after a one and another zero.  Also being raised in the Southern most part of Mississippi…zero is not a temperature I’m familiar with.  Luckily leftover money on a Dillard’s gift card, got me a very cozy DKNY jacket.  

In December my friend Ashley, who I have been through so much with, asked me if I would met her in Denver at her Dad’s new house.  He just moved from New Orleans.  Of course I agreed having not seen her in over a year.  She suggested we could do a little skiing…. now is the time to mention the last time I saw snow was when I was 6 and 9 those are the only 2 times.  I decided it would be now or  never to learn how to ski.  It was very exciting getting ready to go, all layered up, hardly able to bend because I have so many clothes on, but I was warm.  Except my hands. 

We arrived and got me all signed up for Ski school and put some skis on my feet.  So now i’m 140 dollars poorer and all ready to ski! wooo! My instructor (George) was not that good.  At All.  So we went through all the basics and then came the time to put on both of the skis and do little easy turns.   George would go down a bit and show us, then one by one we would try.  I’m pretty good at going really fast and really straight.  I can even turn right really well while going fast.  Things I can not do on skis is go slow or turn left.  I can fall gracefully, but getting up gracefully is impossible.  My fingers were hurting so bad I wanted to cry.  Seriously.  So about this time it’s lunchtime.  I’m not feeling so good.  Throw me up on the top of a mountain and you get altitude poisoning.  I found Ashley and her dad for lunch and told them I had a huge headache and was feeling a bit nauseous.  They decided they would ski down the mountain and I would ride the gondola down.  No objections from me! I was so glad to be coming off of that mountain.  Every bump of the Gondola made me want to hurl.  Skiing is so much fun! 

The drive down the mountain was curvy and I had to make myself sleep or my lunch would have been all over the place. 

We made it home, I took a nap and felt much better.  What made me feel even better was watching the Saints win!! 

Sunday afternoon Ashley and I made a snowman.  He is not a normal looking snowman.  The snow was a bit dry to make a snowman but we were determined.  We were armed with a waterbottle and man hand sized gloves.  We started scooping the snow up into a sort of cone.  Ashley’s dad came out and told us we need to make a ball and roll it.  Well we got a ball about the size of the head and gave up.  We decided we would look at it like a sand castle.  Filled up a big bucket and stuck it on top of the cone.  It worked! it looked funny but it worked! We stuck the head on top gave him some coal eyes, a carrot nose, and a carrot smile. 

Pictures to come soon….I know you can’t wait!

Ryan picked me up from the airport and reported to me that he had been cold all day and had 2 pairs of socks on….it was 50 degrees!!  Wuss


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  1. Leah Says:

    You ARE retarded! But I love you anyway 🙂 Glad you had fun… kinda. I was super lonely this weekend – Ian went to New York, but 2 cancelled flights and 1 delayed flight later, he’s on his way home! Tomorrow I’m off in search of a job.. wish me luck!

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