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…and not very successfully I might add.

History better not repeat itself January 24, 2007

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So there is this holiday coming up…
I’m sure you’ve never heard of it….
It has something to do with candy, flowers, love?
Give up?

Valentines day!

I HATE this day.  It has never served me well in the past.  I have never, ever, had a Valentine…(as you can see I am not bitter about this at ALL!)

Let me give you a little insight into why I hate this day.

-In Highschool was never really dating anyone on that day.. No big deal…I’ve got College to look forward too!

-Freshman Year: Todd and I end our relationship sometime in January, which means that no Valentine in Feb…but he is still a fabulous person, and gives me a card! Yay for awesome ex’s.

-Sophomore Year: Michael and I end our relationship on Feb. 14th.  Spend my Valentine’s day dinner in a taco bell because the tears I had produced made my face look like I was dead, and I was not going to be seen in “public”.  Spent the rest of my valentines day on the coach watching tv and eating ben&Jerry’s, also a lot more tears.  I give M his present anyway (a picture I painted with my very hands!).  He gives me nothing.  I think Todd gave me something maybe a tulip.

-Junior Year: I had to work on Valentines day, I also worked in the same city that “he who shall remain nameless lived in”.  He did not even call me.  He claimed to have not even realized what day it was, He said he was sick and got home from flying and took Nyquil at 4 and passed out and did not wake up until the next day…believable?…I THINK NOT.  Leah was wise and wonderful and knew my history with the day, and brought me flowers at work! YAY for Leah! 

-Senior Year: I have one more class to take before I can graduate…ONE, and I was planning on moving to AZ so I do and just take the class online so I can graduate.  I have 1 friend.  We had made plans to go out to eat, just as friends, just so I wouldn’t have to be alone.  He went to happy hour with a friend got wasted, and left me at home, alone! in a new city! where I know all of 5 people! and I worked with all of them! boo.

-Present day: I am dating the wonderful Ryan.  I hope I am not jinxing myself.  I have no idea what to get him….I’ve never done this before.


One Response to “History better not repeat itself”

  1. Leah Says:

    This day will be awesome! Ryan seems like an amazing guy and I’m sure that this will be the best Valentines day ever! I, on the other hand, will be all alone 😦 Ian will be in Florida covering a basketball game. Boo. But our 1 year anniversary is on the 13th, and I think we’ll probably go out then. So basically, I’ve always had pretty good Valentines days, and you’ve always had bad ones, and this year I’ll be alone so SURELY that means that you won’t be alone! See? It’s perfect 🙂

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