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Seeing is believing February 2, 2007

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This story is about a year and a half old, but still shows how stupid smart people can be.

I have horrible vision I can’t see past 6 inches from my face.  So contacts and glasses are crucial to my very existence.  My eye was bothering me, like it had been scratched so I made an appointment with an eye doctor.  I tell them I don’t want to be dilated,I have to drive and do things that require me to see, and not wear big old lady wrap around sunglasses for a few hours.   Well they had to put this dye stuff in my eye to see something, but that idiot put the dilation drops in too!!!  After she did it she said
“So I just dilated your eyes and…”
me: “What! I signed to NOT have my eyes dilated
her: “oh i’m sorry, I didn’t look at your information”
me: “What’s the point of me even filling out the information if you aren’t even going to read it!!”
her: “well the doctor will be in shortly”

A doctor I don’t know comes in. Checks out my eyes.
Doc: “Well you won’t be able to wear your contacts for a month or so, so you need to wear your glasses”
me: “Well that’s part of the reason i’m here, I don’t have updated glasses, the prescription is from 3 years ago, and I can’t see out of them anymore”
Doc: “I can’t get an accurate prescription with a scratch on your eye, so you are going to have to wear glasses”
me: ” I understand, I need glasses, I can’t wear my contacts, but I don’t HAVE any glasses in my possession, I have to see. ”
Doc: “Well I can’t do an eye exam”
me: “Well I need a new prescription for my glasses”
Doc: “But I can’t do an exam”
me: “Okay so here’s what we’re gonna do…why don’t you check my chart, see what my last prescription for my contacts was. Use that information and write me out a new glasses prescription…can you do that?”
Doc: “oh yeah, okay”

So i’m walking around in a blurry haze, go to pick out my glasses…..
me: “so when will my glasses be ready?”
Cashier: “In about 2 weeks”
me: “WHAT!”

needless to say I wore my contacts for 2 more weeks until my glasses came in…


One Response to “Seeing is believing”

  1. Leah Says:

    I feel like you left out the part about wearing 1 contact and squinting all funny, and traveling to Arizona minus the glasses…

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