Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

Tips for Moving Part 3 February 7, 2007

Filed under: i'm retarded,Moving,Phoenix — rmbutler @ 2:40 pm

As you begin to clear the remaining bits of crap still left in your old apt, keep in mind this phrase…”throw it away”

I think I said that a million times the last day I was in my apt.  No room for that can of soup? Throw it away! How about this million dollar bill I found? If it won’t fit…throw it away! 

It had come to a point where I didn’t care about anything.  Things I normally would have put in a special place, got their special place in the bottom of a trash bag, or the goodwill bag. 

I gave away so much stuff, there were 4 gigantic trash bags full of crap.  I even had a box I had not even unpacked since my last move a year ago.  Do you know what I did with that box? Moved it into a corner of my new room.  Now did I really need what was in that box? well when I finally broke the seal on the year old tape,  I found my kindergarten graduation cap, high-school cap, and college cap.  Even though I had not looked or used those things, they are very important to me.  So now i’m charged with the task of going through all the stuff I went to the trouble of moving, and probably throwing out half of it all.  Do I really need that dried up nail polish? or how about those 3 pairs of broken sunglasses? an earring without a partner? A necklace I have never worn and only cost me a dollar? 

I’m going to need a really big trashcan.


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