Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

Rhino February 23, 2007

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I walk past this Rhino charging sculpture almost every day and love it to pieces.  I have always thought to myself… Now that would make a funny picture if I pretended like it was chasing me.  Well my dream came true. Yesterday while Yasmina and I were walking to lunch I made her take a picture of me by the rhino.  It’s  not very believable since i’m in my work clothes, it’s on the corner of Main street, and the rhino is made of metal….but this is still going down as one of my favorite pictures of me. 

 Rhino attack


One Response to “Rhino”

  1. Gitonga Says:

    Now that is a beautiful sculpture of a magnificent animal. I remember being chased by one but did not look back to see whether it looked like that…had other things on my mind ahem!

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