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Scottsdale Art Festival… AKA “really expensive art” March 13, 2007

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I am a HUGE lover of art…have been known to dabble in it myself. So when the Scottsdale art festival was happening this weekend I made sure to attend. It was suppose to be around 88 degrees. Yes in March…88. The new shorts I bought weeks ago and forgot about came out for a visit. My legs were rejoicing in their whiteness of freedom…Lots of sunscreen was applied. LOTS. because I am translucent.

Luckily Ryan lives a block from all the action so we could walk and feel like we were exercising and not driving thus helping the environment. Oh we are so awesome. We walked to Coffee Bean and got the question of the day right and got 10% off of our order! Today I decided I was going to pay for the coffee (since it was cheaper than normal) ….as we wait and wait and wait, I notice that NO ONE is making our drink. The former Barista in me kicks in and I realize they forgot about us..hey it happens..I’m not mad. So I tell the girl “hey! so sorry but you accidentally forgot about us!” She was so distraught she refunded me all of my money. Ryan is floored; of course the ONE day I decide to pay it’s free! The refund gods are smiling down upon me.

As soon as we got to the festival I happened upon the tent that was serving the alcohol. I’m not driving i’m walking so it’s perfectly okay to drink at 11 in the morning!! Very yummy margaritas followed throughout the day and I was not the only one excited to see them, I passed about 10 people that would ask where I got the yummy concoction. Also lots of fresh kettle corn. I’m in love with the kettle corn.

So back to the art, because i’m easily distracted. Lots of awesome artist, lots of prices WAY out of my range. The one picture I fell in love with and I would have done anything to make it mine… maybe sell a kidney… cost $4,000!! I think I could sell my kidney and then have enough left over to fix my car. Needless to say I walked away from my picture. Sadly it is not mine.
BUT Ryan did buy a big piece of art and it is large and nice and I am jealous.

After the art festival I was feeling sad I didn’t make any big purchases so off to IKEA we went!! I guess I have only been on weekdays because OMG the ENTIRE parking lot was full, it felt like the day after christmas sale at the mall. We weaved and bobbed through the crowd making it to the dressers, finding the aisle and bin number on my white MALM dresser, and racing for the end. Record time was achieved. (on a side note I can not walk or race through the kids section without seeing the big blow up turtle and thinking of Amalah and Noah )

Sunday I put the dresser together. BY MYSELF! What! you say? a girl? that can put stuff together? by herself? oh what’s this I hear? she likes to watch sports too? AND action movies? and she wears makeup? Sorry for your luck boys but i’m taken. 

Well I have this other dresser, that is smaller and cheaply made, but it’s sort of the same simple style as my MALM, so what I have decided to do is paint it and make it look awesome.  I’m going to paint it black and do some sort of white stencil thing on it, I haven’t decided but this is sort of the pattern I want on the dresser.  What do you think… my 3 readers?


3 Responses to “Scottsdale Art Festival… AKA “really expensive art””

  1. Meg Says:

    I love that pattern, but you’re making me want to get out the paint and brushes again and Spence will kill me! I think it will look great!!!

  2. Leah Says:

    As reader 2 of 3, I say go for it! Of course, I love that sort of thing so of course I’d say that….
    On another note, I’m stuck in Memphis… all week, for work. Yep, WORK! I gotta job 🙂 With Morgan Keegan. Look it up 🙂
    And, I can put stuff together too! I got voted the “most handy person to have around in any fixer-upper” by my friend Kacie… haha. I should come visit and we could build something awesome 🙂

  3. Cody O Says:

    As your final comment I would say the stencil idea is gravy 🙂

    I just went to IKEA with my lady yesterday! That place is most lovely and it does have its nice cheap art too. I feel almost silly when the frame actually cost more but at least there is less buyers remorse, uh huh ya. I don’t have to worry about making my ENTIRE place work around some thousand dollar piece. Such relief! additionally my lady has the MALM dresser on her wish list along with a dining room table for when she moves up from Tucson in a few. I got me some medium brown barstools that I’m putting to good use at the breakfast bar. I’m quite content with them. giggity giggity!

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