Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

A cold toilet seat April 11, 2007

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“I return to this journal page like it’s a cold toilet seat. You have to sit right down, dive right in. As familiar as the seat may be, you know the look is different than the feel. There’s no easing onto it. The same goes when entering the pool in this new season of pretend warmth. We get hot days but lo and behold below the surface those water molecules are clinging to the richness of winter still. The chill in our bones makes like a pre show to the chill bumps doing the wave across your body. You go into that pool one toe at a time. At waist level you curl your arms up like you’re a Tyrannosaurus on the attack of the jesus lizards defying the laws of water physics. Mouth wide open in delight, a perfect companion to your body language, it looks as though you want to type something in the air were two typewriters suspended above your shoulders about where the Y is to your M C A. In this case, the anticipation isn’t always best. Just go under already.” – Jason Mraz

So he pretty much nailed how i’ve been feeling lately.  I just need to go under already.  It’s not just about this blog, which I update irregularly, (it’s mine and I shall do as I please).  It’s about my life in general.  I feel as though i’ve just been sitting around waiting… and waiting… for what I have no idea but I just keep waiting.  I want something to happen, some shift, some change toward greatness.  Yesterday I think I sort-of got my shift rolling.  I’m on the verge of something better, something with potential to go places, and do things.  I don’t want to say anything to jinx it.  So just pray that the shift happens.  Also pray that I don’t screw it up royally. 

On a different note, i’m getting 1,500 dollars back for my tax refund… yay!


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