Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

Update!! May 14, 2007

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Wow I know it’s been forever but I just got a new job!! And i’m here from 8-6!! Which equals forever!!  I work with people that are actually my age! and they are nice! and normal! (which is a big deal! I’ve worked with some weird ones….)

But I like it! And I’ve had enough caffeine to kill a small animal!! So excuse the excessive exclamation points!!

Here’s some more news with more exclamations!

*My best friend of 10+ years got engaged last week and was getting married in Sept and I was going to be in the wedding and wear my own dress of my choosing!!!! but then she just informed me that she decided to get married this weekend on her birthday! still going to have a big reception in sept! but don’t get to be in a wedding 😦

*I’m bringing Ryan to the reception but the next day is my big country family reunion! He gets to meet all the family in one big swoop, kind of going to blindside him.  He should talk to Leah and see what he’s in for because she came with me last year, I’m thinking she should come again so there is a friend buffer if he gets scared. 

*The few days before the reception and reunion i’m going to take him to New Orleans and show him my old stomping grounds! I think Leah and Ian should also join us for this too! It’ll be fun!

*I keep mentioning Leah because she’s my number 1 fan!

*I’m updating today to make Leah laugh!

*I think i’m done with the exclamation points.


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