Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

Vegas!! May 29, 2007

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I went to Vegas this weekend. Here is a summary.


Number of those Midgets in Leather: 1

Elvis Impersonators: 0

Level of disappointment between 1-10 on not seeing Elvis: 11

Disposable camera’s bought: 4

Level of embarrasment over said disposable cameras: 15

Sound of clicking and winding of camera: 190 Decibals

What I was going to do with winnings (if any): Fix digital camera

Celebrities that I didn’t pay to see: 2 (Adam Sandler and Kevin James)

Celebrities I did pay to see: 1 (Lance Burton the magician)

Seconds away from almost missing Adam Sandler and Kevin James because I was taking my contacts out to put on glasses while waiting in Ceasar’s palace super long taxi line: 2

Current love of all things bright and shiny due to Vegas affect: 12

Brides: 6

Favorite quote: “If i’m going to go to Vegas to get married i’m going to do it right and go to the Little White Chapel and have Elvis marry me, that’s the only way”

Stores I visited that I couldn’t here in Scottdale: 0

Minutes spent in front of a slot machine in order to receive a free drink because I was broke: a whole lot

Money lost on gambling/shopping/shows/food: too much to mention 

Details and pictures in next post.


2 Responses to “Vegas!!”

  1. Leah Says:

    Good summary! But now I can’t use that quote because you already did 😦

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