Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

top searches… June 20, 2008

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so I looked at the words people search to stumble across my blog and here is the list…

windextor 82
dane cook windextor 21
bear bryant 17
what to wear with yellow pants 15
dueling denim 15
yellow capris 13
bear bryant statue 10
yellow pants 10
glitter litter 9
a pair of yellow pants 7
what goes with yellow pants 6
dane cook clean 5
funny friends 5
is it okay to double denim 5
ryan karl 5
denim 4
fashion rules for wearing denim 4
what can you wear yellow pants 4
denim habits 4
dried up nailpolish 3
funny facebook pictures 3
“denim on denim” 3
funny facebook statues 3
trying new glasses 3
double denim 3
yellow pants match with? 3
“catch in the act” 3
jared leto hiccuping 2
duel denim 2
“different point of view restaurant” +pi 2
metal rhino sculpture 2
taper jeans 2
rocking point mexico 2
funny art 2
nicest thing ever said to me 2
reatarded people 2
“save us from our cubes” 2
6 weird things about yourself 2
mike rickard 2
why do clouds show up over pictures on f 2
i can’t wear contacts anymore 2
denim looking cake 2
higher prescription contacts glasses blo 2
funny pics about denim myspace 2
“i love dane cook” 2
style how to wear yellow pants 2
wearing 2 denims 2
rebecca b 2
putt cat dolls 2
challenge thee to a duel

So when did i blog about jared leto hiccuping?  or putt cat dolls?

Also…. I hope those people who looked up yellow pants or denim on denim really learned something and took valuable fashion information away from my blog and refrained from wearing dueling denims. ūüôā


I challenge thee to a duel! March 27, 2007

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I decided since my website is called dueling denim that I should feature pictures sent to me by you lovely people out there of folks you catch in the act. I got the idea when I was going down the escalator at the mall and the man in front of me was sporting some dueling denim (I’m kicking myself for not whipping out the camera phone and snapping a few shots), coupled with a picture sent to me by Meg .

So spread the word my dear fellow 2kbloggers !!!!

Just send me an email with the picture and any funny information you would like to add to make the picture even better.


The ringing in the ears

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¬†We had just finished watching a movie (Miracle, eh it was pretty good, a nice feel good movie) ¬†and I was all settled in to watch “The Hills” when this horrible ear splitting alarm goes off.¬† It was pretty much the most horrible sound ever, of all time, then times that by twenty.¬†¬† Ryan was on his way to take out the trash so I told him to investigate and report back.¬† I needed to know the situation because I had to plan who carried the giant art piece and who carried the laptop, and I was trying to figure out how fast we could move the tv but Ryan returned and¬†said he didn’t see any smoke and everyone was standing outside and no one knew what had happened.¬† (some kid probably pulled the alarm) So I took that as a sign to turn up the TV so I could¬†hear the crap Spencer was spitting out to Heidi… does anyone else see a controlling freak? or is that just me? oh well.¬†¬† The sound was just too much so I suggested we run(drive) to McDonalds for a milkshake, but by we I mean¬†me getting the milkshake and¬†him driving me.¬† We were walking to the car and we saw the fire truck, by the time we sat in the car the alarm was turned off.¬† He said “well guess we can go back inside”, but no we had already made it in the car and the car was in motion so we were committed, and it’s literally 3 or 4 blocks!
I got my milkshake and all was well.¬† I’m kind of disappointed because I didn’t get to see any firemen, doesn’t every girl have a little fireman fantasy?¬† (some gals even have a Park Ranger Fantasy?)


My friends love statues too. March 23, 2007

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While looking through Leah’s pictures on facebook I came across this!
Leah and Bear

¬†It’s a picture of her with a¬†Bear Bryant statue, and it’s totally not what it looks like, but it’s funny to THINK about what it looks like.¬† ūüėȬ† She’s also a good sport about letting me use it.


Maury could solve everything… February 21, 2007

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Why is it taking so long to tell us who the father of Anna Nicole’s¬†baby?¬† I mean Maury knocks it out in an hour show.¬† Just tell us already so everyone will shut up about it.¬† Oh and just bury Anna by her son.¬† How hard is this? Seriously people. Let the poor woman rest in peace.

“You are NOT the father”


Seeing is believing February 2, 2007

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This story is about a year and a half old, but still shows how stupid smart people can be.

I have horrible vision I can’t see past 6 inches from my face.¬† So contacts and glasses are crucial to my very existence.¬† My eye was bothering me, like it had been scratched so I made an¬†appointment with an eye doctor.¬† I tell them I don’t want to be dilated,I have to drive and do things that require me to see, and not wear big old lady wrap around sunglasses for a few hours.¬†¬† Well they had to put this dye stuff in my eye to see something, but that idiot put the dilation drops in too!!!¬† After she did it she said
“So I just dilated your eyes and…”
me: “What! I signed to NOT have my eyes dilated
her: “oh i’m sorry, I didn’t look at your information”
me: “What’s the point of me even filling out the information if you aren’t even going to read it!!”
her: “well the doctor will be in shortly”

A doctor I don’t know comes in. Checks out my eyes.
Doc: “Well you won’t be able to wear your contacts for a month or so, so you need to wear your glasses”
me: “Well that’s part of the reason i’m here, I don’t have updated glasses, the prescription is from 3 years ago, and I can’t see out of them anymore”
Doc: “I can’t get an accurate prescription with a scratch on your eye, so you are going to have to wear glasses”
me: ” I understand, I need glasses, I can’t wear my contacts, but I don’t HAVE any glasses in my possession, I have to see. ”
Doc: “Well I can’t do an eye exam”
me: “Well I need a new prescription for my glasses”
Doc: “But I can’t do an exam”
me: “Okay so here’s what we’re gonna do…why don’t you check my chart, see what my last prescription for my contacts was. Use that information and write me out a new glasses prescription…can you do that?”
Doc: “oh yeah, okay”

So i’m walking around in a blurry haze, go to pick out my glasses…..
me: “so when will my glasses be ready?”
Cashier: “In about 2 weeks”
me: “WHAT!”

needless to say I wore my contacts for 2 more weeks until my glasses came in…