Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

top searches… June 20, 2008

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so I looked at the words people search to stumble across my blog and here is the list…

windextor 82
dane cook windextor 21
bear bryant 17
what to wear with yellow pants 15
dueling denim 15
yellow capris 13
bear bryant statue 10
yellow pants 10
glitter litter 9
a pair of yellow pants 7
what goes with yellow pants 6
dane cook clean 5
funny friends 5
is it okay to double denim 5
ryan karl 5
denim 4
fashion rules for wearing denim 4
what can you wear yellow pants 4
denim habits 4
dried up nailpolish 3
funny facebook pictures 3
“denim on denim” 3
funny facebook statues 3
trying new glasses 3
double denim 3
yellow pants match with? 3
“catch in the act” 3
jared leto hiccuping 2
duel denim 2
“different point of view restaurant” +pi 2
metal rhino sculpture 2
taper jeans 2
rocking point mexico 2
funny art 2
nicest thing ever said to me 2
reatarded people 2
“save us from our cubes” 2
6 weird things about yourself 2
mike rickard 2
why do clouds show up over pictures on f 2
i can’t wear contacts anymore 2
denim looking cake 2
higher prescription contacts glasses blo 2
funny pics about denim myspace 2
“i love dane cook” 2
style how to wear yellow pants 2
wearing 2 denims 2
rebecca b 2
putt cat dolls 2
challenge thee to a duel

So when did i blog about jared leto hiccuping?  or putt cat dolls?

Also…. I hope those people who looked up yellow pants or denim on denim really learned something and took valuable fashion information away from my blog and refrained from wearing dueling denims. 🙂


YELLOW PANTS? April 19, 2007

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I have received a question about yellow pants…. I have also seen this pop up on my search engine terms on more than one occasion. Here is my answer….

If you think you can rock the yellow pants then you can wear a white, navy , or baby blue shirt. I would not recommend black because you might look like a bumble bee, but then again black goes with anything so I say ok. I would also suggest you stay away from the red/orange family as well as anything green.
In my head the perfect yellow pants summer wearing outfit is a cute pair of yellow capris (I tried to find a pair of cute yellow capris but gave up and these are the ONLY half way decent yellow pants I came across, but if these came in yellow they would be perfect!) or shorts with natural colored sandals or funky heels with a cute lacey white tank top or shirt. Very summery, and not at all screaming…. “what was she thinking buying yellow pants?”

Ladies be careful out there, some people just aren’t meant to wear yellow pants. You must accept the fact and move on.

If you like yellow and don’t want to go for the pants route try this.