Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

I lost… August 27, 2008

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… my Fry’s VIP card.  Panic stricken at the register, mind racing……I’m scratching my head over this one. 

Dear VIP card,

I had you separated from all the other value cards to make you feel special.  You were right there next to debit card, driver’s license, and library card.  Was that not what you wanted?  Did you miss your friends?  I’m sorry about that, I wish you would have communicated your needs to me sooner. 

I just checked my wallet again and CVS care card is not there either…. the pieces are coming together.  You and CVS ran away together, I knew that little red number she always wears would win over you and your pinstriped self. 

 Both of you need to come back to me… I will give you a section all to yourselves to start a little discount family. 

Awaiting your return,


p.s. I know I could just punch in my phone number… but I can’t remember the number I used… oops


top searches… June 20, 2008

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so I looked at the words people search to stumble across my blog and here is the list…

windextor 82
dane cook windextor 21
bear bryant 17
what to wear with yellow pants 15
dueling denim 15
yellow capris 13
bear bryant statue 10
yellow pants 10
glitter litter 9
a pair of yellow pants 7
what goes with yellow pants 6
dane cook clean 5
funny friends 5
is it okay to double denim 5
ryan karl 5
denim 4
fashion rules for wearing denim 4
what can you wear yellow pants 4
denim habits 4
dried up nailpolish 3
funny facebook pictures 3
“denim on denim” 3
funny facebook statues 3
trying new glasses 3
double denim 3
yellow pants match with? 3
“catch in the act” 3
jared leto hiccuping 2
duel denim 2
“different point of view restaurant” +pi 2
metal rhino sculpture 2
taper jeans 2
rocking point mexico 2
funny art 2
nicest thing ever said to me 2
reatarded people 2
“save us from our cubes” 2
6 weird things about yourself 2
mike rickard 2
why do clouds show up over pictures on f 2
i can’t wear contacts anymore 2
denim looking cake 2
higher prescription contacts glasses blo 2
funny pics about denim myspace 2
“i love dane cook” 2
style how to wear yellow pants 2
wearing 2 denims 2
rebecca b 2
putt cat dolls 2
challenge thee to a duel

So when did i blog about jared leto hiccuping?  or putt cat dolls?

Also…. I hope those people who looked up yellow pants or denim on denim really learned something and took valuable fashion information away from my blog and refrained from wearing dueling denims. 🙂


Twitter… March 25, 2008

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So I just joined twitter and I think I can not be more connected to the world unless there was streaming video of me at all time. 

You should follow me if you have twitter.  Just because I said so.


October 23, 2007

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Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.
  – Don Marquis


That’s the nicest thing anyone ever said to me… June 8, 2007

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Me: “No I think Jude’s eyes are so sexy, oh and Jared Leto, even with the makeup is still hotastic, hot of all hots is Brad Pitt.”

D: “I liked Brad in Fight Club, he looked really good in that movie.”

Me: “When he was in Troy and he was buff beyond control, now that was HOT… Wait! 300 that was the best movie of all time, 300 half naked men, I think I drooled the whole movie”

D: “You are a gay man trapped in a women’s body”

Me: “Why Thank You!”


Vegas!! May 29, 2007

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I went to Vegas this weekend. Here is a summary.


Number of those Midgets in Leather: 1

Elvis Impersonators: 0

Level of disappointment between 1-10 on not seeing Elvis: 11

Disposable camera’s bought: 4

Level of embarrasment over said disposable cameras: 15

Sound of clicking and winding of camera: 190 Decibals

What I was going to do with winnings (if any): Fix digital camera

Celebrities that I didn’t pay to see: 2 (Adam Sandler and Kevin James)

Celebrities I did pay to see: 1 (Lance Burton the magician)

Seconds away from almost missing Adam Sandler and Kevin James because I was taking my contacts out to put on glasses while waiting in Ceasar’s palace super long taxi line: 2

Current love of all things bright and shiny due to Vegas affect: 12

Brides: 6

Favorite quote: “If i’m going to go to Vegas to get married i’m going to do it right and go to the Little White Chapel and have Elvis marry me, that’s the only way”

Stores I visited that I couldn’t here in Scottdale: 0

Minutes spent in front of a slot machine in order to receive a free drink because I was broke: a whole lot

Money lost on gambling/shopping/shows/food: too much to mention 

Details and pictures in next post.


New territory…brain can not compute. May 17, 2007

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The boyfriend and I have been together for about 9 months, this far exceeds any relationship I have ever had.  I always feel that when I tell people this they think that maybe i’m unstable? or unfaithful? or just can’t keep a man.  I could be all of these things or none of these… i would like to think that i’m just picky? 
I’ve been having these horrible dreams of infidelity and just general horribleness… my psychology degree kicks in and immediately I know it’s my sleeping brain trying to work through the fears of my waking brain.  (that’s the easy way of saying it without getting all complicated) I just don’t know how this is suppose to go.  I’m so happy and sadly i’m just not use to that lasting for this long.  I’m kind of liking it.  Then I go to sleep and the fear of losing it just takes over my brain.  It’s horrible because it’s not one of those dreams where you immediately forget it.  I will remember bits and pieces throughout the day.  The horrible images my imagination blessed upon me the night before are replayed in my idle brain.  Even the feelings that I felt in the dream are as real as if it had just happened.  There are no justifications for these dreams, no reason for my brain to be thinking this… the only thing I can think of is that I’m just not use to it.  In my experience, this is about the time the heartbreak happens… and since i’m happy my brain is just not sure what to do.  I need to just chill out and stop being such a chick… but I just want one night of dreamlessness that isn’t wine induced.