Trying to rid the world of dueling denim…..

…and not very successfully I might add.

baby etiquette…? June 1, 2008

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I work in a baby/kid/maternity store at Fashion Square.  Yesterday one of our regular customers came in with her newest barely 3 week old bundle of joy and her 2 year old daughter.   She is super down to earth and not at all a Scottsdale mom.  This older foreign couple walked in and the next thing I know the older lady is asking the customer if she can hold her baby.  Then to my complete amazement she handed her over! Would  you let someone you did not know hold your baby? Would you ask someone you did not know to hold their baby? Am I alone in the world in thinking that this is crazy business?


Text messages… November 3, 2007

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Here is a summary of some of the text messages I sent to Leah last night.

“I hate these ‘cool’ bars more than I hate someone telling me their latte needs more foam…that would be a cappuccino.”

“Here’s the visual…go-go dancers…laser lights…techno…whores…douche bags…10 dollar beers.”

“I am going to need to wash the taste of desperation out of my mouth after breathing the air in there.”

…can you tell I hate the bar I went to? the only reason I went is my friend Derek was there, he lives in England right now and I haven’t seen him in 2 years.  He agreed to pay the 30 dollar cover charge (Paul Oakenfold was there) because I is BROKE…


Proper dipping technique October 30, 2007

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So my weakness is wings, especially Golden Mild wings at a place called Zipps.  I seriously crave them constantly.  I have this technique that I have perfected over the years. I hate how when you go to dip your wings you have to dip the top, because that is not the part you’re eating the meat is in the middle people! Okay my technique is to use the celery and sort of paint the ranch on the middle of the wing.  It works perfectly.  I think you should try it. 


My most faithful reader…. July 5, 2007

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…she came to visit me!! Here is proof Leah visited the Valley of the (scorching) Sun!dscn1500.jpg

I have missed her greatly and her visit was a welcome distraction from the heat.


That’s the nicest thing anyone ever said to me… June 8, 2007

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Me: “No I think Jude’s eyes are so sexy, oh and Jared Leto, even with the makeup is still hotastic, hot of all hots is Brad Pitt.”

D: “I liked Brad in Fight Club, he looked really good in that movie.”

Me: “When he was in Troy and he was buff beyond control, now that was HOT… Wait! 300 that was the best movie of all time, 300 half naked men, I think I drooled the whole movie”

D: “You are a gay man trapped in a women’s body”

Me: “Why Thank You!”


The ringing in the ears March 27, 2007

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 We had just finished watching a movie (Miracle, eh it was pretty good, a nice feel good movie)  and I was all settled in to watch “The Hills” when this horrible ear splitting alarm goes off.  It was pretty much the most horrible sound ever, of all time, then times that by twenty.   Ryan was on his way to take out the trash so I told him to investigate and report back.  I needed to know the situation because I had to plan who carried the giant art piece and who carried the laptop, and I was trying to figure out how fast we could move the tv but Ryan returned and said he didn’t see any smoke and everyone was standing outside and no one knew what had happened.  (some kid probably pulled the alarm) So I took that as a sign to turn up the TV so I could hear the crap Spencer was spitting out to Heidi… does anyone else see a controlling freak? or is that just me? oh well.   The sound was just too much so I suggested we run(drive) to McDonalds for a milkshake, but by we I mean me getting the milkshake and him driving me.  We were walking to the car and we saw the fire truck, by the time we sat in the car the alarm was turned off.  He said “well guess we can go back inside”, but no we had already made it in the car and the car was in motion so we were committed, and it’s literally 3 or 4 blocks!
I got my milkshake and all was well.  I’m kind of disappointed because I didn’t get to see any firemen, doesn’t every girl have a little fireman fantasy?  (some gals even have a Park Ranger Fantasy?)


Realization March 20, 2007

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While I was organizing my picture folder, I came to the realization that I like to pose with, around, or on things. Not like a normal person, who just stands there, I like to get interactive.
Case in point….

The putt putt monster did not have a chance.

Apparently sheep like to play putt putt too.

Sheep make excellent transportation

Cactus Licker?

Oh no she didn’t…. oh yes I did.

I do not discriminate, I will pose by anything.

My famous Rhino pic.

There is a scorpion sculpture down the street i’m dying to pose with.